Beer Pioneers





135 East Olive Ave, #221

Burbank, California 91503 USA

EMAIL: info at beerpioneers dot com

An epic independent beer documentary

Hello, my name is Jay Sheveck. I am an independent filmmaker, freelance beer writer and author of the destination beer guide,The Beer Guppy's Guide to Southern California. I have a passion for history and a strong appreciation of beer.

For many years now I have been methodically piecing together the documentary film titled, Beer Pioneers. This self-produced project began in 1994. The film was originally just a half-hour TV pilot to be shot on a shoestring budget. Once filming began, the breadth of the subject itself turned the "pilot" into an epic-length feature documentary! It certainly wasn't planned that I would still be working on this film for two decades.

I'm making this film because it is about a finite subject. The first wave of pioneers – the generation who established and grew this "craft" industry – are aging.  It is a great time for reflection, before we lose them. Once these pioneers are gone, so are their stories. The context of their struggles and successes are lost to the sands of time or diluted by others. This film preserves these stories in their original state forever.

My goal with this documentary is to give these Pioneers the opportunity to share their stories in a collective, contextual medium. Generations to come will be able to appreciate the breadth and intricacies of the events that brought back good beer to the people.

Production wound-down last year, topping 140 interviews, 200 events and locations, and 450 hours of footage. Editing is underway. With a little luck, Beer Pioneers will be released very soon... Cheers!


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